Welcome to Putnam High School

Home of the Clippers


Heather TaylorPrincipal--htaylor@putnamschoolsct.org
Suzanne SansoucyAssistant Principal--ssansoucy@putnamschoolsct.org
Dianne Nason-DoireSecretaryext. dnason-doire@putnamschoolsct.org
Laurie BernierSecretaryext. lbernier@putnamschoolsct.org

Mission Statement 

Putnam High School is a dynamic community with the privilege and obligation to transform students into motivated learners who have the knowledge, skills, and behaviors to thrive in a competitive arena.

Core Values

  • Respect – Behavior and language that is considerate and appreciative of others, self and property.
  • Responsibility – Being trustworthy, dependable and reliable while making good decisions.
  • Community – Working together while playing an individual role.
  • Integrity – Doing the right thing without being instructed to do so even if the act is unnoticed.


21st Century Learning Expectations

Academic: The Putnam High School student…

  1. Reads actively and critically
  2. Communicates effectively in speech and writing
  3. Works independently and collaboratively
  4. Develops short and long term goals
  5. Researches, analyzes, evaluates, and synthesizes information to solve problems
  6. Uses technology appropriately throughout the learning process

Civic and Social: The Putnam High School student…

  1. Demonstrates personal and civic responsibility
  2. Makes positive contributions within the school and community
  3. Respects, promotes, and celebrates diversity


The New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) has agreed to award PHS accreditation once again.